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Gaïago is an agricultural start-up which takes its name from the earth goddess Gaïa. Set up in 2011 by 4 associates, Gaïago specializes in natural and innovative fertilizers: biological fertilizers, microbial inoculants, biostimulants, elicitors in particular.


At the heart of Gaïago’s mission is the preservation of life and biodiversity in agricultural production with the creation and formulation of natural products for the soil and plant nutrition and health.


The solutions developed by Gaïago give distributors and farmers the possibility of thinking about fertilization and crop health in a natural way while improving yields. Our products cover a wide range of crops, whether cereals, fodder, vines, orchards or market gardening and can be used for biological farming in accordance with CE regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008.


Our head office is located in France at St Rémy du Plain (35, Brittany) with a staff of about ten employees and a turnover of 1.5 million euros.




  • Soil Activators: NUTRIGEO restores the natural fertility of soils by supplementing them with trace and ultra trace elements as well as organic molecules needed for useful microbes in the soil. Our product is used in different fertilizers suitable to the soil of the region or country in which it will be used. Farmers can also improve significantly the profitability of their plant production.
  • Biological Fertilizers:  FREE N 100 is liquid products which are sprayed either on their own or as a combination at a dose of 0.5 lit/ha. FREE N 100 allows the plant to fix atmospheric nitrogen and to strengthen the crop. This solution increases nitrogen levels by 15-30%.
  • Natural Biostimulants: STIMULUS and STIMULUS PLF are made of active sea elements, amino acids, humates and organic acids which will allow the plant to manage its stress and improve its yield. The amino acids selected in STIMULUS are specifically intended for cereals and oil seeds and those in STIMULUS PLF for market gardening, arboriculture and viticulture.
  • Lithothamnium: SOLISPE is a natural anti deficiency product which helps the plant fight against external aggression (thermal shocks and injuries), favouring natural healing. It regulates fluids in plants (making them resistant to cold and drought) and makes conventional products more effective.
  • Biochar: C2LOR is a natural product rich in carbon. Biochar is obtained through the pyrolysis of biomass. This product is generating a great deal of interest today because it might just be THE solution to stop soil degradation and restrict the use of inputs while maintaining very high production levels.




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